Candy Lips- Manuel Technique

CEO  Of Queen Brows international Academy ( Germany ??) 

• Founder – CEO of Queen Brows
• International Association of cosmetology Wellness and Health
• Specialist Visagist
• Specialist Make-up Artist
• Pro Artist (Microblading & PMU sisterhood)
• Royal artist 
• PMU artist of perfect Brows (Hair strokes technique)
• Luxury lips (artistic full lips)
• Magic eyes (stardust technique)
• Instructor of Semi PMU
• Eyelash artist
• PMU artist of Dolce Blush technique
• PMU artist of eye shadow- ombre, butterfly,  
• PMU artist of scalp pigmentation
• PMU artist of Ombré brows
• PMU artist of Microblading and shading
• PMU artist of Areola
• PMU artist of candy lips